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5 Essentials Successful People Commit To

We become who we spend the most time with, the five people we spend the most time with are the ones who shape and influence our thoughts and behaviors.It's all very simple you see, If we want to be successful we need to spend time around successful people. If we want to live a safe and mediocre life then we must spend time around those who have such a lifestyle . The environment we commit to will determine our future standpoint.Remember to be successful we must surround ourself with those who have achieved success and greatness. Remember the saying "you are what you eat" same goes for "you are who you associate most with" so choose your inner circle wisely as these people will shape and define your personalty, beliefs as well as traits.

Over the past few years we have studied the daily habits of successful people and what we have discovered are the simple yet necessary principles that each of them fallowed rigorously, each one being more critical to achieving the next step. The principles we discovered were so simple that they can be used by anyone seeking to achieve their goals and level up in life.

Now, we will share the 5 essential points to commit too.Keep in mind each one is necessary to achieve success and level up in life.


There’s an old proverb that says, “Fall seven, rise eight.” Failure, barriers, and difficulties are certain phases of the route to accomplishing anything meaningful. It's the failures that drive you ahead. Failures give us the contrast to know what works and what doesn’t, so we can adjust as we grow.

Most people rather not try than fail. For others, after a few rejections, they quit. Successful people look at failure as one step closer to success, no matter how many tries it takes.

In her New York Times best-selling book Grit, Angela Duckworth presents numerous sources that whittle down the essence of the mindset it takes to breakthrough:

“Grit depends on a different kind of hope. It rests on the expectation that our own efforts can improve our future. ‘I have a feeling tomorrow will be better is different from ‘I resolve to make tomorrow better.’ The hope that gritty people have has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with getting up again.”

Pledge to achieve your goal in advance. Relentlessly attempt it, knowing that you will not stop until you win.


One of the greatest blunders people make when starting on a new journey is trying to do it alone. You will go much farther and faster when you have the right circle of influence. Scientific data bears this out as well.

Daniel F. Chambliss, Ph.D., a professor of sociology at Hamilton College in Clinton, New York, spent years studying Olympic swimmers to learn the nature of perfection. One of his observations on how to achieve greatness is to spend time around others who will help you go farther. “The real way to become a great swimmer is to join a great team,” he says.

Encircle yourself with personalities who will help you be great. For some, that means hiring a coach. For others, that means joining a mastermind group.


People spend infinite time dreaming about success but seldom do anything to make it a reality. You must consistently commit to doing the workday in and day out. Do it when you’re motivated. Do it when you’re inspired. Do it when you can’t see any noticeable improvement.

Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the top influencers in business, but he’s quick to remind people he started at zero. He credits his success to committing himself to this principle:

“I hear people say, ‘Well how do I get in the New York Times?’ or ‘How do I get that meeting with that CEO?’ And oftentimes I just say, ‘One is better than zero…. The concept around one is better than zero is simply a call to action to do…. It’s the patience and willingness to do 500 interviews, and conference calls, and meetings over coffee that never turn into anything. I mean hell, I did Wine Library TV shows every day for an entire year before anyone said a thing!”

Prepare yourself to do a lot of work. It will pay off.


You have to know what you strengths and weakness this way you will know how you can leverage them to expedite your process to success.

Fashion designer Tina Lobondi focuses on the creative side of her business rather than focusing solemnly on money. But to advance her fashion label, she quickly realized that sales and finances had to be at the forefront of her mind, even though she hated it. The changes she made, as a result, have enabled her business to grow.

Take an honest record of your skills. Then make a plan for how to improve, or get help where needed.


Most people think they know it all until they reach a situation where they realize otherwise. But the more you understand your work, the more you will gain a perception of the areas in which you can develop.

Sometimes that means studying things outside your skillset. Dr. Marc Smith is a veterinarian and co-founder of PetTao, a holistic line of pet food. He discovered it was important to become a student again for him to grow:

“I can be the best veterinarian that’s ever walked the face of the Earth, I can have 400 degrees behind my name, but if people don’t know that, it doesn’t matter. And so I’ve embraced this idea of I have to become an excellent marketer, not only to help my business but first and foremost to help people and their pets.”

Discover the skills you need to gain in order get to the next step in your quest.

Successful people have figured out how to reach their goals through trial and error. Now all you have to do is commit yourself to these five principles so you can have the success you know deserve.

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